Private Fountains, Public Baths
duo exhibition with Ada Van Hoorebeke, Komplot, Brussels, 2018
wax, dye, metal, textile, waterhose, bucket

‘Private Fountains - Public Baths’ a collaboration between Kato Six and Ada Van Hoorebeke aiming at being a place for exchange and reflection on different working methods. ‘Private Fountains - Public Baths’ translates communication and exchange into sculpture by questioning the purpose of a fountain. The exchange goes from framed dye puddles to colour baths and from fabric to stamp sculptures. The environment created by the artists blurs the division between tool, idea and outcome. At Komplot, Six and Van Hoorebeke will also invite artists and the public to engage in their research. To celebrate the abundance of creativity some aspects of the exhibition such as the use of natural dye and self-made tools will be discussed. Through a series of activities the invited artists will interact with an aspect of the displayed work and explore ‘how it functions’ in relation to their own artistic practice. This will be accompanied by the hypothetical question : How would you do this? The guest will give an answer in free form, which suits his/her own way of communication.

Photography Ludovik Beillard