Kato Six
1986, Belgium
Lives and works in Brussels


2010 MA Fine Arts, School of Arts/KASK, Ghent
2007 BA Graphic Design, School of Arts/KASK, Ghent

2017 Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Skowhegan USA
2016 Residency Unlimited, New York USA
2014 ABA, Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin DE
2014 Artistes en residence, Clermont-Ferrand FR (via Air Antwerpen)
2012 WIELS Residency, Brussels BE
2010 Artist in Residence, Agentur, Amsterdam NL

M and Cera collection, Leuven
Mu.ZEE, Oostende

Solo Exhibitions (selection)
2022 Kato Six, M Leuven (curated by Eva Wittocx)
2020 What a fine production line, Manifold Books, Amsterdam (with Ada Van Hoorebeke)
2019 State of Matter, VITRINE gallery, London UK (curated by Chris Bayley)
2018 Private Fountains - Public Baths, Komplot, Brussels BE (with Ada Van Hoorebeke)
2017 Spinning lines, Twisting thoughts, CHANGE-CHANGE, Budapest HU
2016 Background Hum, c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e, Brussels BE
2015 Surface Secluded Objects, Be-part, Waregem BE
2014 Re-located into Silence, c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e, Brussels BE
2013 Forms Fell to Pieces, Het Paviljoen, Ghent BE (with Aukje Koks)
2012 Focus moves aside, objects appear, WIELS, Brussels BE
2011 A Backyard Journey, P/////AKT, Amsterdam NL

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2023 Grounding Gravity, Growing Stones, Uqbar/ABA, Berlin (with Filarowska and Inne Eysermans)
2023 El Dorado, vzw De Goudblomme, Dudzele BE
2022 50 years of Flemish Parliament, Flemish Parliament, Brussels
2021 Collectie Presentatie Mu.ZEE, Oostende
2021 The Constant Glitch, M Leuven (curated by Eva Wittocx, Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte, Valerie Verhack and Hicham Khalidi)
2019 The Sound of No-one Listening, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam
2019 Heads or Tails, dmw art space, Antwerpen BE (with Sari Ember)
2018 Generation Brussels, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Brussels BE (curated by Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte)
2018 Merely a frame, Bowerbank Ninow, Auckland NZ (curated by Esther Stewart)
2017 Loin avec moi, lmak gallery, New York USA
2017 Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery, VITRINE gallery, Basel CH
2017 Lick it, stick it, rock it, roll it, Sugar Pop Institute, Haarlem NL
2016 2016 12 x 12, Black Ball Projects, New York USA
2016 Waiting for the Secret, workspacebrussels, Les Halles de St-Géry, Brussels BE
2016 Conjunctions, Peninsula Art Space, New York USA (curated by Rachel Valinsky)
2016 La Route des Hommes, Loods 12, Wetteren BE (curated by Godart Bakkers & Wouter Devleeschouwer)
2015 Black Decay, Pink House, Antwerpen BE (invited by Ada Van Hoorebeke)
2015 Dérive Dérivée, CAB, Brussels BE (curated by Angelique Campens)
2015 Capital Artists, Brussels Art Institute, Brussels BE
2015 Heterarchical Archipelago, c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e @ Art Brussels BE
2015 In de Wind, CC Strombeek, Strombeek-Bever BE
2015 If you're happy, you'll know it, Kassel DE
2015 Vibrant Matter, KIOSK, Ghent BE
2014 Prijs Beeldende Kunst van de Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, Caermersklooster, Ghent
2013 ZOUT pop-up exhibition, Mu.ZEE, Oostende BE
2013 Input/Output, CC De Bond, Brugge BE
2013 MAGMA IV, Antwerpen BE
2013 Hijacking Karma (in a positive way), Oude Kerk, Amsterdam NL (curated by Daniel Van Straalen & Juliaan Andeweg)
2013 Femmereelle, Plagiarama, Brussels BE
2013 A Remarkable Project, Brussels Art Factory, Brussels BE
2013 Prix Médiatine, La Médiatine, Brussels BE
2012 Unfolding, galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam NL (curated by Melchior Jaspers)
2012 Re:Rotterdam art fair, Rotterdam NL
2011 Temporary Limits, PARK, Antwerpen BE
2011 crox 362, Croxhapox, Ghent BE
2011 De Stad 3D, museum Hilversum, Hilversum NL (curated by Imke Ruigrok)
2011 FMC, Kunstverein für Original Radierung, München DE
2011 Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd, Ithaka 19, Leuven BE
2010 De Kijkdoos, vitrine project, Amsterdam NL (curated by Rob Ritzen & Suzan Kalle)
2010 Protection, The Forgotten Bar, Berlin DE (curated by Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti)
2007 Titre, IPS, Ghent BE
2007 Strong Art, X=10c, Ghent BE (curated by Christophe De Jaeger)